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 GRASS FED BISON Roast 2.5 to 3.5 LBS

For those people who have never experience North America's orginal red meat, You can now try a

Short Rib, Eye of the Round, Rump, Round Roast ....(2.5 Lbs to 3.5 Lbs)... of Grass Fed Bison...

.which can be shipped with any 20 or 25 order. FOR ...$ 39.90 each....


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The Certificates are in $50.00 increments....and when ordering thru paypal..or direct just mutiply it by how much money you want to spend.

1)    Ex: $50.00 x 6 = $300.00 

2)   Then send me an EMAIL telling me what you would like to buy and I then will send you a Certificate to your EMAIL ADDRESS..for the amount and how many pounds you bought. ( remember freight and packaging are extra to the meat cost. Add $1.00 a pound to what you have ordered )

3)  I will fill the box (Max 30 LBS ) and send to anybody in Southern Ontario where the Courrier does a one day delivery. and notify you when the gift receiver has spent the certificate. No limits on time or amount


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