Farmer Jim's Grass Fed Beef and Pasture Pork
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 B1 Build your own box approx. 5 LBS GROUND BISON )

For the Apartment & Condo Dwellers with Fridge Freezers only...... you can build your own box of your favorite Meats or Fish .

( Minium 20 pounds )

5 Lbs of Grass Fed Bison ( Buffalo) Ground.... including Freight and packaging delivered to your door. $ 84.00 when added to any 20 Lb order

Out Of Stock

B2 100% Grass Fed Bison Ground meat (10 Lbs) (Approx. 1lb packages)

My delicious 100% Grass Fed Ground Bison is made from dry aged Bison steak and Bison roast ends from our grassfed Bison --the same part of the carcess you would eat a steak from. We do not use old or 'cull' animals or bulls for our ground; nor do we add any non-meat ingredients such as organs or water. 85% lean.

Total 10 IBS approx. 9 to 10 paks..... in 1 lb pouches all butcher and paper wrapped

$149.00 / for 10 pounds + $16.00 Packaging & freight total $165.00
(Delivery anywhere in southern Ontario including Ottawa and along the 401 east to Cornwall and west to Windsor)


B3 Bison Family Sampler ( 20 LBS)

For my 100% Grass Fed Bison...I use a small family-owned abattoir and packer. They are licensed provincially and inspected continually with an inspector examining every animal individually. Cuts are prepared by hand, not by machine. The bison  cuts are individually wrapped in butcher paper and then pack in an insulated carton by total weight ready for delivery to your door step any week summer or winter.

This nutritious box contains:

  • 4-6.... ¾ to 1 “ cut steaks of any combination of ( Sirloin, Sirloin Tip, Rib eye, T-bone, Striploin)
  • 1-2 Roasts …2 to 3 lbs. each (serves 5 to 6 people), ( Short Rib or Shoulder, Inside Round,  Rump, Eye of the Round),
  • 1-3  1lb pouches of our lean and sumptuous stewing beef cut from the tips of Bison steaks,
  • 8-12  1 lb pouches of lean grass fed ground Bison
  • 2-4 Braising ribs 
  • Total 20 lbs per box all butcher paper wrapped
$ 319.00 /Box plus packaging and delivery of $23.00  right to your door any week you put the order in.... Total $342
(Delivery anywhere in southern Ontario from Windsor to Cornwall and north to Ottawa)

Out Of Stock


The Certificates are in $50.00 increments....and when ordering thru paypal..or direct just mutiply it by how much money you want to spend.

1)    Ex: $50.00 x 6 = $300.00 

2)   Then send me an EMAIL telling me what you would like to buy and I then will send you a Certificate to your EMAIL ADDRESS..for the amount and how many pounds you bought. ( remember freight and packaging are extra to the meat cost. Add $1.00 a pound to what you have ordered )

3)  I will fill the box (Max 30 LBS ) and send to anybody in Southern Ontario where the Courrier does a one day delivery. and notify you when the gift receiver has spent the certificate. No limits on time or amount




Grass Fed BISON bones great for soups $6.90 per pound pak in 2 LB bags ...Can only be ordered with any 20 & 25LB meat box ....Maxium 6 pounds per order


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