• If you’ve only been thinking of chickens for your meat you will be surprised to learn that ducks are the world-wide top choice. The Pekin Duck  is typically the most popular for its meat having mild yet satisfying rich flavor and could effortlessly go well with other cuisines. Pekin duck has lighter meat making it perfect for roasting. The best thing about this is that, when it’s served skinless, it offers low calorie and fat. 
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 PK Pekin Duck 4.5 Lbs to 5.5Lbs

I now happy to report today July 31st that I am offering  my own Pekin Ducks grown free range and fed...with no Soybean or Corn....instead Peas for protein and Flax with lots of omega 3's....

I have had quite a demand to grow this popular meat If you like cannot do better in taste for value   ....

When you order, I will send you my favorite Bar B Que receipt for Pekin Duck

Each duck weighs between 5.5 lbs and 6.5 lbs   and can be shipped with any 20 or 25 pound box for $17.90 a duck

All my meat can be shipped any where in Ontario...from Windsor to Cornwall and north to Sudbury

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 Duck Eggs

Pekin Duck Eggs..20 eggs to a box  $17.50 ad no extra charge when order with a 20 pound box of meat.

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