Wild Lake Trout Fillets

My Lake Trout are caught by our local Bruce & Grey County native fisherman. These fish are caught from the crystal clear, deep, cold and pure waters of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron. The Georgian Bay & Lake Huron fisheries are very strong and healthy. The catches of the fisherman are regulated and quotas are accessed to ensure a sustainable fishery for years to come. My world-class Wild Lake Trout are supplied weekly to ensure freshness and quality. 

All of my fish products are sold as boneless fillets.  They are also packaged in a vacuum pack and then frozen promptly to ensure quality. 

Approx. .89 to 1 Lb Lake Trout Fillet ....$ 16.50 each

This product can be added to any 20 or 25 box with no extra charges for packaging or shipping cost.

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