Farmer Jim's Grass Fed Beef and Pasture Pork
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Support Local families and buy local

In neighbourhoods throughout Canada, families are choosing to live healthier and support the family farm by making a conscious choice to purchase their food locally.

Farmer Jim and his family ask that you choose wisely when it comes to purchasing food for your table.

Why purchase food locally?

Family farms like Farmer Jim’s:

  • produce better quality, more nutritious, leaner and tastier beef and pasture pork than the alternative,

  • promote a healthier lifestyle, as nature intended,

  • support the local economy by keeping dollars local,

  • help protect the environment, by eliminating the harsh chemicals that large agribusiness uses,

  • ensures the continued genetic diversity of animals – refraining from modifying an animal’s natural diet and genetic characteristics, and

  • protects our food security, as the sustainable food production model of locally grown producers are governed by regulatory and environmental standards compared to food grown oversees.

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