AA Farmer Jim's 2019 COOKOUT GRILLING Special 20 Lbs

I had my butcher buddy Nick,  who over the years has become my friend ....to make up some special Grilling Meat Patties using my Grassfed Beef and Pasture Pork.....and to use his family Old Order Mennonite receipes. So I am offering them here in my 2019 Grilling Package.

This package includes 9-12 Grassfed Steaks: any combination  of: ( T- Bone, Sirloin, Sirloin Tip, Rib Eye, Tenderloin & Striploin, Round Steak, Flank steak)approx. 10 Lbs

Grassfed Burgers Patties approx 10 Lbs mark  your preference below...total package 20 pounds........

$275.00 plus $19.90 for packaging and freight .....Total $294.90


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