GrassFed Butter NON SALTED (half pound)

After many years of searching for GrassFed Butter to offer with my healthy meats...I am happy to say I have finally found an unbelievable healthy & tastey GrassFed Butter.

This GrassFed Butter is unbelievably high in butterfat and essential nutrients and vitamins. These naturally occurring benefits are a direct result of St. Brigid’ s Dairy’s farming practices. They produce some of the most premium, nutritious, clean tasting and yellow grassfed  butter in Ontario.

This GrassFed Butter is federally  certified. The processeor carefully .....barrel churns every batch of butter to a rich and creamy 84% butterfat. This ‘European’ style Butter makes an ideal product for the consumer who might prefers a healthy elevated flavor and texture. Every batch of GrassFed butter is fully traceable and made from 100% Canadian milk.

Prices for un-salted butter @ $11.90 per 1/2 pound and delivered to your door with any box of meat for no extra charge.

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