A7 One quarter of a Grass Fed Cow (81 Pounds)

A grass fed cow could take up to 36 months to mature before harvesting  ( the grain fed cow one year to 15 months ) These animals in their natural form and eating what they suppose to eat which is anything that is green will only grow to approximately 1000 lbs….not the 1500 pounds  the grain fed cow will  grow too.

Out of the 1000 lb grass-fed animal comes approximately  300 to 350 lbs of meat of which 35 to 40% is ground meat. When you buy by the hanging weight you pay for lots of waste that you do not use.     I offer here the following.

81 pounds of Grass-Fed Beef could be shipped in 3 boxes for $799.99 total plus $49.50 for shipping and packaging. If you want to save on grassfedbeef here's an opportunity to get together with your neighbours or friends and divide the 81 pounds into 3  -  27 lb boxes for $266.66 a box    that works out to $9.88 a pound   plus shipping of course

Included in these 3 boxes 

Approx. 30 Lbs of Ground Beef,  24 Lbs of roast, 21 Lbs of Steaks Ribs & Sausage, and 6 Lbs of Stewing beef all wrapped and frozen ready for your freezer      AND YOU CAN HAVE the box  DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME NEXT WEDNESDAY any where in southern Ontario





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